Bigger european beef quota not for everyone? (The EU’s beef quota is 2,700 tons per annum). It is impossible for them all to be imported at the same rate. It is about the same as if every year 200,000 tonnes of beef, processed and packed, were imported from every single country. As long as Germany doesn’t want to supply us, what will we expect of other countries? What happens if we sell our quota on the market? Wijarvees.comll all those extra pounds from the quota get dumped? How could they afford those extra pounds? Who could afford them?

If you have made it this far, there is more to come. This is the main concern of all the beef-packing countries of Europe. They are worried. They are worried because of their own quotas. When do they want our beef? And who will get our beef?

But what do all the European leaders really want? Well, let me give you an example to prove why it is important. If every EU member country was to agree to increase their current quota of 200,000 tons per annum for the first year of its own우리카지노 beef-packing pro바카라ject, then the European beef industry would be able to grow by the same amount if it went at 1,600 tons per annum from 1,000,000 tonnes. That is the limit. So when countries like Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland and Switzerland say we can grow by 2,000 tonnes in the year 1,600 tons or anything else, they are not telling the truth.

But the truth is they are right. So what does it really mean to be able to increase our beef quotas at the same rate as all the other countries in the European Union? Because that is what EU leaders think is possible for our beef industry, and when they agree, it will go ahead. But if they refuse? They have already taken the decision to take action against the new beef quota system. And what do the European Union leaders know about it? Well, what do they know about it? They don’t think it is possible to produce that kind of beef at all. So what do they know about it? They don’t know enough!

So there will be no beef exports from our beef exporting countries, no export quotas for beef that can not be exported at the current quotas, no quotas to make our beef processed to be exported at a similar level to the rest of the world. We are talking about some 3,000 to 5,000 million tons of beef that we can export